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Cardinal School Lahore

Cardinal2MARRIAGE isn’t a bed of roses for housewife Bette and her alcoholic
husband Boo, it’s more like a bed of nails. Surrounded by their neurotic, deeply disturbed parents, they desperately attempt to cope, raising their son to new heights of confusion. A searing dissection of marriage and family life, The marriage of Bette and Boo is the failure to communicate taken to its most disturbing extremes.
The author essentially walks us through his play in the transparent guise of Bette and Boo’s son Matt, who functions as narrator. From the start, Matt stands apart, shifting through the lives of the parents and their families in an attempt to discern why they went so wretchedly wrong. Although he never achieves a clear understanding, he finds the compassion he needs to begin to forgive. Bette hopes that parenthood will bring them closer together, but it doesn’t. Boo, like his father, seeks escape in the bottle. Like her mother, Bette expects that a large family will make her happy. After Matt, however, she births only corpses, four stillborns in monotonous succession. Bette nags, Boo drinks; Boo drinks, bette nags. In its outline, the story is sadly familiar; it’s the quirky particulars that make it both riotously funny and wrenchingly sad. Christopher Durang is one of America’s most controversial playwrights, noted for his dark satirical humor and his open assault on traditional social structures and belief systems. The Marriage of Bette & Boo outlines another one of these problems.


Job Functions:

Provide help desk support to the application users and assist in the installation, configuration and maintenance of various software and hardware applications

Troubleshoot system issues and maintain backups and data restoration for reconstruction of the system
Install servers, desktops and provide the required support

Configure the system using the system commands and utilities

Administer WIN OS and Networking

Keep Backups and ensure the reconstruction of the systems from scratch as per the situation

Essential Job Requirements:

Over 2 years of work experience
Education & Skills

Bachelors in IT/Computer Science
Analytical abilities with operational vision
Problem solving skills
Applicants are advised to submit the following documents :

Curriculum Vitae (CV)
Job Application
1420 Form
2 References
Disclaimer: Only those applicants will be considered who will submit the aforementioned documents.

Javad Zolfaghari – Iran “ROLLING PUMPKIN”

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faizaan9The Performance :

This Puppet play is based on an old Iranian folktale. An old lady is going to visit her new married daughter. On the way she encounters with the wolf, tiger and lion, who want to eat her. The old lady pretends to be very weak and asks them to see how thin she is, and to let her go to her daughter’s home. On the way back she would be fat enough to be eaten. They accept and the old lady continues her way.

The intelligent and keen old lady comes back inside of a pumpkin and in this way none of the wold, tiger or lion will know her. Finally she can reach her home safely and happily.

Alliance Francaise Theatre Workshop

ALLIANCE Francaise Theatre Workshop came into existence in 1999,
when they staged their first play, THE LUMBERJACK SONG. Since then, this theatre workshop has staged several plays in both English French languages. Each year, highly motivated, energetic and hard working people are selected as the members and management body is appointed to run this amateur theatre workshop.
Students and members actively participate in this workshop and each year. The people working for this theatre workshop come from diverse backgrounds. The young members usually come from various prestigious institutes of Lahore such as LUMS, Government College, Kinnaird College, LGS, LSE, Aitchison etc.

The success of this theatre workshop can be measured by the fact that the plays staged by this Workshop were not only staged in Lahore, but also in Karachi, Islamabad and Peshawar due to the appreciation that they received in Lahore.

Alliance Francaise de Lahore has always helped in providing professional expertise, expert opinion and the finance to stage the plays. It has always encouraged its students and members to participate in these activities.

Lahore Grammar School

lgsCreated by award winning playwright Ola Rotini, Our Husband Has Gone
Mad Again was eagerly taken up by the Lahore Grammar School Dramatics Society and duly “desified”, turning its Nigerian origin into a ip rollicking, Punjabi roller coaster ride.
Follow from a major and now an aspiring politician Rehman Taslim’s chaotic journey into women’s liberation as his “well-bread… pigeon” of a wife rocks his world as the women in his life begin to realize that “women are as capable as men” and take charge.

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OBE is a mime form of theatrical performance. OBE stands for “Ordinary
body Expressions”, having no restriction of dialogues like is in conventional mime. So OBE is different from mime in this respect. OBE started from N.C.A., Like six years, but have never performed in Al-Hamara before; this is OBE’s first time.
About The performance theme, the performance is derived from Sartre’s existential movement. If describing the existentialism in a few lines I would say, “existence precedes essence”. Meaning that the essence of anything should be present as long as it exists, and another thing for the believers is that, “when destiny has written our fate, then shy worry about our actions”.

Lahore School of Arts & Sciences

Lacas2The Rafi Peer Theater Workshop has provided us with an opportunity to Stage one of the finest written plays of Urdu literature, kufan written by the phenomena him self Krishen.
Candar, kufan is one of the plays of the progressive movement of 1936 kufan talks about the ever widening gap between the rich and the poor it shows us how the condition of poor suffering poor people in comparison with the rich selfish ruling class is so depressive.

Rptw has provided us with a stage to spread awareness regarding these tragic social standards the cast and the crew of lacas have put in their level best to show how hunger and poverty can drive men to do anything. Even if it is taking from the dead.


The youthful Kamal Sabri with his musical brilliance, has already carved a niche for himself in the world of Indian Classical Music.

Kamal belongs to  a distinguished family of traditional musicians and shows great promise in continuing this artform, dutifully, as being the seventh generation of Sarangi playing. He has trained under his renowned father Padamashree Ustad Sabri Khan in the style of the Sainia Gharana (school) of Rampur – Mordabad.

At such a young age he has set a mark on the international cultural scene  both as soloist and providing decorative Sarangi accompaniment to vocal music. Kamal regularly performs for all India Radio and national television. He has performed in many prestigious music festivals in India and obtained several awards including ‘The Best Instrumentalist’, ‘Surmani’ and recently the ‘Young Maestro’ award by the Indo- Sri Lankan Cultural Council. Kamal has also been invited to share his art with the BBC in UK and the Finnish Broadcasting Co., Finland.

Kamal Sabri has been to Europe, Pakistan, Scandinavia, West Indies, South America and U.A.E. where his concerts and recordings have received great critical acclaim. His rendering of the Sarangi is not only restricted to Indian Classical music but has also embellished in the experimental trend with world class musicians. As a composer, he delivers soulful scores for films, theatre and dance.


film1DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY is responsible for the visual look of the production. They must also manage and coordinate the multi-camera crew and be responsible for coverage and execution as per the vision of the production.


Shooting and Lighting of the production
Development of shot lists
Management of camera, electric and light crew
Egibility :

Master Degree in Cinematography / TV / Film
Minimum 10 years of experience

The University of Punjab

THIS play Jungle Raaj is produced by the Institute of Art & Design,
University of the Punjab, the theme of the play is taken from Raja Gidh written by Bano Qudsia, and the dialogues are written by Shahnawaz Zaidi, Ali Behzad, and Mala and divected by Ali Behzad with the assistant of Shani & Ayesha and the music composed by Farrukh.

We thank Shahnawaz Zaidi, Atif Amer & Jamal-e-Mustafa, for their complete cooperation and guidness, I also thank all of the actors of the play, set designers, costume designers, makeup artist and backstage crew.

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