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Gypsy Kings

faizaan6In 1989 they sold three million albums. The Gypsy Kings were destined to receive 15 gold discs. “My brother Chahib was working in a retirement home in Arles at the time. That’s what gave me the idea of giving our first gold disc to Jeanne Calment [the doyenne of humanity who died last year aged 122] who was living there. We played for the old people. They were happy”. A Victory award was to crown the group’s achievements.

It had taken 10 yeas of hard struggle for Chico before success finally shone on the Gypsy Kings. In December 1987 and January 1988 they triumphed at the Cigale and then at the Zenith. They finally left the private homes of showbiz stars and kings to join the international stage. They sold out on three tours of the United States, a first for a “French” group. The same thing happened in Mexico, Japan, Britain, Australia and elsewhere.

Chico is the composer and writer of the group, it was his energy and believe in the group that lead them to the Top 10 groups of the world.

Chico is an optimist and life has been good to him. He has known very hard times but then events have allowed him to bounce back. 1991 was a very trying year for him. He lost his baby, the Gypsy Kings, and his father Mohammed Bouchikhi. He survived the blows of fate and started back up the hill as he had done so often before. He setup a new group, Chico and the Gypsies, with young gypsy musicians from Arles and Montpellier.

As Producer, artistic director and musician, he is re-creating the international hits of the early years but is not resting on his laurels. For he is also writing new pieces, still with a gypsy flavor but more influenced by the wide variety of Romany music than before. Whereas he was the originator of the Middle Eastern sounds in the Gypsy King hits, he now embraces his Oriental side. After Vagobundo, which reached a record 200,000 albums on top of singles sales, he has just recorded Nomad, a title taken from the exiled Algerian singer Dahman el-Harachi. As holder of the title of the protector of gypsy culture, Chico has set up the El Patio center for all the world’s gypsy travelers to meet. It is a festival ground that includes a bodega, a grange, arenas, a walkway, carvans and a view over the Rohne.

About The Puppeteers (NCA)

THE PUPPETEERS of the National College of Arts Lahore was formed ten Years ago. In this period of ten years the “PUPPETEERS NCA” have performed on a number of venues in the country as well as abroad. The basic objective of the society is to paint the problems present in society using stage as canvass and puppets as there medium. Starting from 7th May 1992, the very first day of their existence; THE PUPPETEERS NCA is trying to explore and inter-relate the techniques and to take the art of puppetry a step forward.

Every eunuch in our society is considered as an alien only… only because he is a eunuch. Arshi (the main role of the story) is a eunuch who wants to be the part of the society… the society in which no one even wants to talk to him… And finally he made his place or may be he did not … is the story.

About us

faizaan4The Rafi Peer Theatre Workshop has established the tradition of hosting International Cultural Events in the historic city of Lahore for over a decade now. It has successfully conducted thirteen International Performing Arts Festivals which have ranged from drama and puppets to music and dance. Since 1992, the festivals have seen more than three thousand nine hundred international delegates come into Pakistan from all across the globe representing seventy six countries. All of this reached an apex in 1996 when the Pakistan International Puppet Festival 1996 was covered internationally as the largest festival of performing arts in the world.
These festivals have toiled against all odds to build a truer image of Pakistan internationally through the field of performing arts; to show to the world a culturally rich and open country willing to embrace the heritages of the world, while being proud of its own, instead of an Islamic nation tottering on the dangerous edge of extremism. As part of its continuing efforts in holding these international festivals, Rafi Peer Theatre Workshop has combined all the various performing arts festivals under a singular banner bringing them together as the World Performing Arts Festival Pakistan 2003, scheduled in Lahore from the 17th to the 26th of October this year.

At a time when the west fears for its very life venturing into Pakistan, the World Performing Arts Festival Pakistan 2003 has insured the participation of a healthy number of renowned artists and companies from all across the world. This combined with the selective local artists chosen, promises to be a prominent showcase of art, cultures, expressions, and human experiences. This festival has performances of theater, dance, puppets, and music from all across the globe and has multiple performances of all these forms everyday.

The Rafi Peer Theater Workshop international festivals are unique in both that they have been completely an independent endeavor and that their diversity relies not only on in their multiplicity of cultural representation, but also in their art, art forms, genres, and expressions that are articulated from their platform. Also, their interactive structure allows for the artists to constantly come in contact with one another, exchanging ideas freely and often performing collaborations improvised within the festival.

These International Festivals of Pakistan have become globally projected forums that are covered by international media, art journals, and international happenings listings. They have gained a prestige and reputation to the effect that on numerous occasions foreign groups have had to be denied participation due to the festival’s humble limited resources. However, we strive to continue to weave this dream with as many bare threads as we have. Now, we leave it to everyone else to join and create a breathtaking tapestry for the world to marvel at.

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